Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Before the year ends, God gave me difficulties and now, I’m stronger. I truly believe I should not tell the story but the lesson I got from it. I don’t know how to state the prologue because it is still current and painful however, you might miss the point of the lesson. (I’ll jump to the start then conclusion for some issues.)

Lately, I met a friend. Let me call that friend ‘it’. It is nice, friendly, and fun to be with. We’re purely friends-plain as that. However, I think I met him in the wrong time. Maybe it’s not yet the right split second for unnamed matters. We’re still friends but not as close like before and I would want to see it happy the way I feel right now. Those times that we had fun will never be forgotten. Sadly, those moments were now stories.

The lesson I got? Simple. Be strong and wise as well. God gives difficulties not to harm us but to make us improved individuals. He is amazing. He won’t let us fall. He knows the plans for us; plans that will protect us and not to harm us.

Up till now, I still cannot perfectly say that the issue is okay but I know in time, it will be. Ganyan talaga ang buhay. Minsan nasa baba at minsan naman nasa taas. Maganda ang buhay actually. Ang kagandahan naman ng buhay ay dumedepende kung paano natin ito tignan. Syempre kung nega ang tingin natin sa buhay eh, nega talaga ito and vice versa. I’m speaking my language already!

You know, the moment I came to know God, I became better. Instead of dwelling to unenthusiastic things, I see the beauty behind it. That’s how powerful he is. He transformed me into a better human being. (That’s why my other blog is called Sparks and Metamorphosis.)

I don’t want to be bitter or to hurt back. I want the ecstasy and the magnificence. I hope this will be okay before Christmas or the year 2013 but if not, maybe God has a far-fetched diagram intended for me in my way. I just need to wait.

May mga pangyayari talaga sa buhay natin na hindi natin gusto pero ma mi-miss natin yung essencse nang buhay kung mag-tatago at tatakbo lang tayo. Harapin natin ang problema at huwag natin takasan ang mga ito and most especially, seek help from God kasi once na nag-hingi tayo ng tulong sa kanya, hindi niya tayo pababayaan. God loves us unconditionally.

Ganyan ang buhay eh. Ganyan din ang mga tao. We can’t please the society. Iba iba tayo ng pag-uugali. Hindi sa lahat ng bagay ang gusto natin ang masusunod. Mahalin mo ang sarili mo kasi kung hindi, sino pa ba ang mag-mamahal nito?

Bottom-line ko, enjoy life. Huwag tayo mabuhay sa sakit, inis, galit, at pag-hihiganti kasi wala naman itong nagagawang mabuti sa atin. (Ang drama ko na and feeling Bob Ong. Sorry guys ha?)

Moving on, this was taken weeks ago because I feel and am lazy, bored, and happy-go lucky. (Move on na tayo ah, tapos na yung drama.) It was my first time to take a picture literally outside our home. Before, our family especially dad wished that out road will be cemented and now, it’s granted. Patience counts! The cemented road is still brand new and clean. You can see the green background? Well, I hope I can have my next pose there to achieve the forest effect. You’ll see. We'll see.

On fact: I have a month old draft in my blog. I definitely need good thoughts to publish them!

Okay, my attire is simple and I have a big secret (You wouldn’t like it when I say! Hahaha). This is similar to my other post (just click the next page!) because this was taken few hours after that certain post.

Brown for me is an effortless solid color. It is easy and you can pair it with many other colors. The shoes I have right now are in yellow/nude/brown/gold hues. I don’t intend to buy brown colors and I lately recognized them until my sister (Ate Ann) told me. Hahahahaha!

That when-I-see-Ranz Kyle Viniel Ongsee pose. Yes! That will accurately be my pose the moment I will see him (I’m blushing right now)! He’s my ultimate crush for several months and for soooo babaw reasons. And the moment I will see my Ranz, I know what to say and sadly, I already mastered the exact words that I am going to tell him. That’s how ready I am. Funny at the same time weird right? That’s me.

The sun is freaking hot but darling, I still like it anyway.

I opted for brown accessories to match my top and shoes.

Details: Greenhills (top), DIY (Maxi skirt), Robinsons (Necklace), Solemate (flats), Fossil (watch), Random shops (accessories), Natasha (Belt)

Don't forget the verse Jeremiah 29:11 it says:  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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