Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alarm Clock Fail

On 27th day of July, I had my first ever Kagueban and I really enjoyed it. I can't imagine graduating high school without experiencing it. Just so you know, I'm a little nature lover in my own way. I do not waste papers because many trees are being cut down. If you read internet articles, you would know how many tons of papers are being produced everyday and it definitely breaks my heart. From then on, I decided to save papers in my own little ways. Little things can make a difference!
This is not an ootd. I don't wear skirts as short as this. However, for A thousand styles’ sake, I wore this. The top was given to me by my older sister who is now studying in UST. No matter how far she is, she still never forgets to buy me cute and trendy clothes. Uggghh. This is sweet and I miss her even more.
Back to the topic, why is the title like this????? 
(Many question marks para intense!)
I am supposed to wake up at 2am however, because of my stressfulness and weariness, my nerves didn't wake up. Good thing dad knocked on my door and then, boom. I'm alive. I'm awake. I'm happy. Sadly, I just only have few more minutes ‘till 4am so I need to rush. I was late but then, I made it. Until now, I still didn't get the logic because my alarm clock is louder than dad's. When I woke up, the alarm clock is still snoozing. It was all weird-pretty much.
What I wore is basically not ootd worthy-white fitted top, pink pants and sandals.
We rode inside the open truck. It was definitely my first time. But of course, before we get inside the huge truck, we need to use ladder and again, it was my first time. I'm always afraid of heights because I might fall. And I'm afraid of falling. Awe. #drama lol. At first, I thought it's going to be bloodcurdling and unsafe but then, it's not. Some of the girls sang songs and we just keep on talking and talking plus the 'car break moments'. It was awesome! During the Kagueban, I planted two plants. Yehey! But then, I slid in the muddy area. There's even a remembrance in my top. Hashtag #MedyoMatalino.
After Kagueban, I immediately went home because (commercial alert) I was stinky, dirty, and smelly but then, I learned. I was already home at 10:30 am. I took a bath and then I sleep at 11:00am. I woke up at 5:30 pm. And then what I did was I arranged my stuffs, things and did my assignments. Then at 8:30pm, I went downstairs and guess what? Many visitors just went in our house. My mom even ordered meals for them. It was all weird. I didn't know what is happening in the world. Lol omg!!
So one thing you notice in this picture and my previous photos is my uneventoned-ness. Yes, my legs are indeed extremely fairer compared to my face, shoulders, hands, etc. for the reason that, I don't always display and showcase my legs (the term!). To make it less obvious, I whiten my face just to make my legs and face somehow balanced in tone but I always fail so yeah; let's just accept the reality. *tears*

To end this, allow me to share you the verse I read during my prayer time. 
(You guys must have prayer time too! Buy a devotional book at PCBS and there you go. Your life will be better and more meaningful. Trust me!!)
"I saw the Lord always before me, for He is at my right hand that I may not be shaken; therefore my heart was glad and my tongue rejoiced; my flesh also will dwell in hope."

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