Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Dramas, Doodles, and Stories

This is 2012 planner. The cover looks simple and mind-numbing but this is the witness of all my triumphs, pains, dramas, thoughts, and stories. I don’t love writing but writing is a place where I can elucidate what’s running in my mind. Since 2013 is coming, why don’t we look back to 2012 with the use of my planner.

Letter "D" is missing!
I'm not yet done with 'why planner' thingy. Hahahha!

 I'm not good when it comes to drawing but well, that eye is an achievement woooh!

That unforgettable moment! My first time Horror Tunnel with my closest friends!

I arranged them but blogger jumbled them so it’s kind of chaotic (Magulo na nga writing ko, ginulo pa lalo ni blogger eh. ‘To Naman eeh. Haha). Yes, I overkill doodle because it’s the easiest thing to do. 2012 gave me tons of memories.  I will never forget them and I am looking forward to 2013! Woooh! Let 2013 be a lovely year with numerous memories, lessons, and successes. AMEN!

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