Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Presents

These are the gifts I opened during Christmas Day! Yes, Christmas isn’t about presents but let me just show you what I got. I thanked all my loved ones who gave me this. I’ll forever treasure them. These little things will always be in my heart. Don’t forget that!

Money is the most common gift I usually receive during Christmas. I love it but I really don’t know how to manage my money properly so it always ends up being wasted (Sad truth cry cry).

How I used my money? I bought clothes and simple presents for myself. Aside from this, I also ordered in the internet (Tomato) set of watch, wallet, and planner. Yes, I used my own money since I always get shy asking money from my parents! You wouldn’t believe me but I really do. I am really scared asking money from my parents to buy me this and that things. Hahaha! I don’t know why.

That’s all and I am waiting for more money! Hahahaha!

We also received pastries, cookies, cupcakes and other sweets! I really love sweets you know? I can’t even explain my indulgence to sweets! Well, I haven’t captured all the foods we received because we certainly can’t wait to raid and eat them! We’re like zombies!

I can’t wait to wear my I love NY top! Wooohooo but I don’t know what to collaborate with this top since it’s too big!

Cotton On and Xhilaration dresses! Sweetest thank you to my cousins, Ate Melissa and Ate Grace!

Paris Amour body lotion. The smell is prefect! This is too prefect to use in my asdhakghj skin! Hahaha!

Lovely Scents for us girls! Thanks to my relatives for sending us these!

Rustans! Body wash and embossed soap. I will just display them and won't use them! They're too lovely!

This Hello Kitty lip balm set! What do you think? Each lip balm has its own signature smell that no girl can resist! Yes! I am presently using the sugar plum flavored lip balm!

These are the highlights of my gifts. I didn’t take the other because of my lazy issues! Hope you enjoyed viewing them!

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