Friday, December 14, 2012

That Fifteen Year Old Girl

No matter how much I want you to witness this right away; I still can’t because I am pretty my busy and when it comes to blogging, I don’t want to rush things for the sake of new post. I want to enjoy every minute of my time typing words for my dear viewers. That’s me.

This post is supposed to be my birthday post Part 1. Anyway, my sister took these photos 2 weeks ago but because of my hectic schedule, I uploaded them just now. Don’t be sad. Don’t cry. Zai’s here… hahahaha!

“I’m no longer fourteen. I’m no longer fourteen”; sentences that keep on hitting my mind and seem like saying something. Yes, I’m no longer fourteen. I must be mature. These words should be in my Part 2 post. Okay. Stop.

My outfit is simple, plain, wearable but stylish. You got my point-STYLISH. Ever since I was young, I constantly wear something good to my eyes, comfortable and last but not least, stylish. I’m overusing the word ‘stylish’. Let it be, it’s my blog.

One tip I can advice to my fellow bloggers/reader: If you want a photo to look like you are a star, model et cetera; pose a picture of yours looking downwards. It is helpful and effective. Via Camille Co, and Aria Clemente!

Details: From China (dress), Fashion 101 (accessories), Gift (lace tube)

What do you think?
Photo taken in my room.

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