Saturday, December 15, 2012

Resourceful Cowgirl

This is how it looks like.
I'll state to you my exceedingly blissful and blessed day.

In the morning, I had my guitar with Sir Dan and I got the clothes I ordered in the internet. You'll see them in my following posts!

In the afternoon, I visited my dentist. My teeth improvement is severely delayed so I weekly visit my dentist to meet the must image of my teeth. I also went to our site and I had a little conversation with our housekeeper. She's so nice and smart.
At 5:00 pm, I had a long conversation with my sister. We talked random things about school, beautiful clothes, food, etc. PLUS we sing together like we are the only persons in the world. Sweet kami, walang papalag.

In the evening, My sister and I decided to have a date. My term is not properly precise but let me call it a date. We went to the mall and we bought stuffs and gifts for Christmas Party; we also bought clothes, and because we're tired, we went to the fast food to buy something to drink and eat. Okay, to sum up all, we had a date for 3 hours. Just the two of us and we didn't argue! History! Hahahaha! We walked NCCC to Capitol. How cool was that? We're like twins. I love her and I will definitely miss her. Ugggggh.. Pag nabasa niya ‘to, kikiligin siya!

At home, Dad and my younger sister were left. My mom and our housekeeper stayed in our store. I and my older sister went to home because it’s already 8:00pm. And now we’re home but nobody was there so my sister texted daddy and dad was joking. He’s cool.
Before I sleep, I had a mini conversation with my school mate. Okay. Close na kami! :D

To sum up all, this day was a blast. I love life. Life is beautiful.
Resourceful Cowgirl- You might be wondering why? Because the top that I wore used to be my older sister's 1st year Mass Demo costume. Yes, it was!
Maxi skirt is always my choice. Sadly, I only have one piece so I am over-using it. I decided to come up with cowgirl attire as one of my experiments. What do you think?

And I used a chair as my props! clap clap!
Can I be pretty too? please?

My sister and dad went to Drugman and look what my sister bought for me- Candy Magazine (December 2012). She's so sweet. Candy Magazine is my savior with regards to everything! It helps me to be in the right path and how to act accurately in this world.

My pose! My pose! Hahahaha! Crazy girl here! :)))

Details: No brand (Cowgirl peg Top), Crissa (Black top), Jellybean (Belt), DIY (Maxi skirt), Reva (black shoes)
Sometimes, it takes a good fall to know where you stand.

ATS :)

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