Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Out of this World Hands

This post is perceptibly not about my look. Let me tell you first the OLD story. I had my guitar with Sir Dan in the morning and I went to our site. I saw mom there talking to the man behind this brilliant art. His hands are beyond the capability of an expected human. When I got to see his artwork, I was genuinely astonished by his talent and how he does the painting. Don't you agree? He painted that alone without backups just for a day (unfinished artwork shown in the pictures) and one fact to tell you is that he is not even a college graduate. He was not born in a well-heeled family. He used to work in the theater as a utility man. He is indeed friendly and close to the painters of the theatre that he is working. Time after time, he adopted the skills and learned many techniques in painting like the color combination, the accurate temperature needed, the strokes and others.

Today, his ocean artwork is already done and I can no longer take good pictures because it was covered by furniture of our renter. The whole artwork cost Php 15, 000.00. The painter provides the paint; you just have to tell him what to do, tell your ideas and viola! He'll do that in a manner that will make your jaw drop like mine. He's out of the world hands are marvelous. Aren’t they?

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