Sunday, December 30, 2012

For The First Time

Sorry for this late post (Correction: really really late post). This is what I wore in our Christmas Party. Sadly, my sister didn't take my outfit photos due to her sluggish issues so I have to wear them again and tada! There you go.
(I haven't washed my face that time. Thanks to my buddy (Photoscape)! Hahahaha)

I decided to use this as my welcome photo. Yes, this one is so 'jeje' and 'in' in our generation.

First thing first: The title?
I decided to name this post For The First Time for many reasons and I'll name them:
  • First time to wear dress during Christmas Party.
  • First time to wear sleeveless.
  • First time to wear heels.
  • First time to eat like there's no tomorrow.
  • First time to wear red.
I don't want to stress myself thinking what other first times but they are the first thing that popped my mind. (first ng first ang peg)

Our adviser and our president came up with the idea of wearing dress for fun. Good thing everyone followed except for our two classmates! (clap clap clap) This Christmas Party is enjoying although there are only few games. I joined all the games except to the other one because my best friend needs me. Wala nang arte arte, i-nenjoy ko na 'to.
Last year, I was there in our Christmas Party for like minutes because we have to go to Manila the same day. Nag attend pa ako diba? Hahaha!

I really decided to wear red because it's the color of Christmas right? Indeed, I am proudly over-dressing in red colors!

I’ve noticed that my dress is really really maikli in the front. Don’t you agree? Hahaha. No regrets. I am always wearing shorts!

I, without any doubts, purchased this dress I spotted in the internet!
Details: Same here (Dress), TOMS (espadrilles)

With my blogger friend, Lira.
With my soulsister, Rozella.

(1)With my bestest friend and sister from another mother, Rayza
(2) I was awarded sossy girl. Yay!

I look sunburned. Don't you agree? Yes, I'm with my beautiful classmates!

I really can’t wait for our Mega Noche tomorrow! What do you guys think? We will wear perhaps Emerald Green tomorrow. Watch out for my next post.
Merry Christmas and Have a prosperous New Year!


  1. OMG! Haha. I am an innocent citizen regarding the "Wear a dress, girls. Major requirement". Hahaha :)