Monday, December 31, 2012

Salo Salo

I made this draft 2 nights before 2012 and I uploaded few hours after 2013! Yay! Happy New Year!

This is what I wore last Friday Night. We went to Robinsons to watch SISTERAKAS with my family and my cousins in dad's side sadly, there are countless people in the line waiting for the movie and the theater is packed up with people. They are even standing inside the theater so we decided to watch the movie next time.

THEN, we had that unexplainable crisis! We are having a hard time deciding where to eat? Max's, Kinabuch, Tiki Bar? But we decided to eat at SALO and have a good time.

And for the first time I sang. I was really shy to sing in front of many people. I only sing when I am in the bathroom, with my best friend, in the car, and in my room.
My greatest achievement with regard in singing? I sang when I was in grade school (duet) for 2 times. Amazing! And I am looking forward to sing in front of many people. YAY!

Why is the title Salo Salo? Yes, we ate last Friday and the following day, we ate again at SALO (Party of Panlipi) and guess what? We are still in room 'L'. Funny isn't it?

I am really lazy when it comes to dressing up especially if there is no important event so I always dress in a way that I will feel comfortable. My outfit is solid and in similar family hue-BROWN.
I paired this boyfriend polo with my pastel sleeveless top and maroon skinny bottoms! It's too comfortable I must say. What do you think?

The photographs were indeed taken inside our house-living room. Our house is messy don't you agree? It is. For real!


Text fever!

Details: Aged (Polo), Romantic Pussy (top), Mommy's (Pants), Solemate (flats), Greenhills (Necklace), Fossil (Watch)

Say "hi" to my very young photographer!

Happy New Year everyone!
I am currently in my room blogging, texting, twitter-ing, Facebook-ing, etc-ing! Yes, I always multitask.
Let 2013 be a good year for everyone! Full of good vibes and no more drama!
Anyway, I can hardly breathe because I ate foods beyond the capacity of my stomach. Hahaha! That’s my problem! Stay tuned in my New Year post. I am not sure if I can post my Throwback 2012. I hope! Love you guys!

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