Friday, November 23, 2012

When Reality is Better Than Your Dreams

Long time no blog. And yes, this smile welcomes you. To be honest, November is the month of stress, drama, rush, and procrastinations. I’m a busier than you think. There are countless projects, reports, and activities but I love it and this school year wouldn’t be complete and brilliant without them.

Moving on, my title is like ‘reflexive property of Mathematics’. You know why? It’s because the title is the title. No need to explain. The title speaks. To give you a fact, I got my title from Gary Pepper but I revised it.
I simply adore her quote: Those moments in life when reality is even sweeter than your dreams. Isn’t it beautiful and at the same time true? The fact that we can relate with quotes and sometimes, it changes us and makes us better individuals. Quotes are powerful than we think and it is beyond amazing.

I wore this attire when we went to church last last last last last last last… Sunday. The black and white top cannot stand alone so I paired it with my orange skirt to add a vibrant and lovelier effect.

I know what you’re thinking. I wore this skirt in my old posts. I even wore this as tube.

My one tip before you close my blog/ before you left a comment: Be resourceful with your apparels. People may think that the most excellent blogger doesn’t repeat any of her clothes but Kate Windsor and Camille Co said that a good blogger is resourceful. And for me, a great blogger has a marvelous sense of style, imaginative and wise.

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