Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fitness First

On Saturday (11-24), we decided to have an exercise (jogging-like the customary). When I was young, during weekends, our family never disregards to spend a moment in time jogging together and it's been awhile from the last time we did this and coincidentally, my dad will be returning in the early morning from Manila. Waking up at 5:00am is not a problem. We decided to jog at Bay walk. We really didn't expect that many people were there. It was such a worthwhile morning.

You know how it feels when you are seeing this uplifting view in the morning. It is beyond doubt peaceful, soothing and stimulating. The sunrise view made my day full of good vibes and I really need it because I'll be doing many activities and it's too many to mention.

What can you see in the picture? A statue of a young lady. It was based in the history of our city, Puerto Princesa.

(Courtesy: Wikipedia) Folk etymology attributes the name "Puerto Princesa" to a princess-like maiden who in the early days is said to have roamed around the place on certain nights of the year.

I love the idea that came in their minds. Filipinos are creative in many fields. Don’t you agree?

My older sister did not come for some lazy reasons. Hahaha! Well, my mom is driving and my sister is my photographer like the typical. We used our 'white car' (we really call it 'puti' and our black car 'itim'). I know some people can really relate with what I'm saying, if not, I have to go now!

Since I am not really a jogger or whatsoever work-out/athlete girl, I simply wore something I see in the televisions and magazines. I don't know if it's appropriate but the attire is comfy and doesn't stick on my sweats and skin.
(This sentence should be in the uppermost part of my post) Probably, the first thing that you thought about the title is me in the gym. Well, you got it wrong. (end haha!)

Jump shots! I keep on saying that they will never be out of the list but they are now recently fading. I miss those days but due to some lethargic matters, I do not do them frequently.

Do you love the view like I do? The bay is really an ideal place specially if you want to rejuvenate your thinking, have a simple date with the one you love or just enjoy your life. It made me more proud to be a Palaweno.

Details: Nike (top), Old (Cycling shorts), Swatch (watch)

Sketchers is really light, comfy, and it comes with good designs. What more can you ask for?
PLUS, I love the fact that I looked taller than my mother the day I wore this.

We jogged at the end part of the bay walk since the middle (center) part is occupied by many joggers and athletes. The end part is not yet cemented that’s why there's a mud pool. Can you spot me in the picture? It's jogging time!

That intriguing young and beautiful lady statue.
Puerto Princesa's Baywalk
Puerto Princesa's gigantic Christmas tree. I haven't really been near in that Christmas tree so I don't know the specific ornaments that were used to decorate it and the height of the tree.
Annually, the PPC never forgets to reserve a budget to the Christmas tree that is being placed in the middle part of the bay. Isn't it wonderful?

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