Friday, November 16, 2012

Seeing Good in Bad Things

You might be wondering about my title. Well, I just have these thousand thoughts piled in my mind and there's nothing awful about sharing and at the same time, inspiring.
My idea is that: Why don't we use the problems we have in life as an instrument to make our lives livelier, better and more fruitful? Isn't it beautiful to think all the bad things that are happening in our lives and yet we still have reasons to smile, love and live? Isn't it beautiful that there is still a rainbow after a storm?
In life, there are moments we feel like we're carrying the world but God has a reason for that and he wouldn't give us problems we can't overcome. He knows everything and he loves us so why would he do something he knows won't do any good to us?
My point is that: We have to be positive and at the same time realistic. Life may have ups and downs but that is not the basis to give up. Remember, in 7 billion people in the world, you are not alone. Someone somewhere has problems worse than you. There's no reason to hate life.

Looking back, my outfit is simple. What I wore is plain but modish. I didn't use any prints to make the outfit noticeable because I believe the outfit itself knows how to stand out. I simply applied the law of ‘color blocking’.

The blazer added a professional effect but pairing it with shorts plus the braided hairstyle balanced the look and doesn't overwhelm the sophisticated and classy attitude.

Please do not forget; this is stylishzai speaking. I wanted to thank all the people who view and check my blog each time I have a new post. I would treasure all the comments as well. There is no word to describe my happiness each time I check my page views and there's hundred of views in just a day. I may not know you personally (like I always say) but you know who you are and I love you.

My style, again, is simple. I didn't play with my accessories.
Details: DIY (shorts), Mommy's (Blazer), MOP (Eiffel tower necklace), Natasha (Belt), Fossil (watch), Mommys (top)

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