Monday, November 5, 2012

Swift and Easy

This is my outfit last Sunday. The title says “Swift and Easy”. It’s because I just randomly picked my attire without bothering what I’ll look and viola! This happened.

Since Saturday, I can notice that my eyes’ sizes are miraculously irregular (literally and obviously). Maybe because, I spend so much time in the computer and I usually sleep late

I’ll give you three advices. Advice, I believe, will help you but sadly, I still keep on breaking my own advices: Do not ever stress yourself, spend too much in the net (like I regularly do), and watch television. Promise me you’ll follow this!

What can you say to my just-got-out-of-bed look? I look worn-out and tired! Well, it is true! After we went to church, we had a dinner in the restaurant (I ate like a man-DOUBLE RICE!), and we visited a friend in the hospital. His asthma triggered and due to his old age, he was about to lost his life but God helped him. Miracle is everywhere!

My shadowy and unclear jump shot! The photo was taken near my room (2nd floor of our house). The chandelier gave a sweet light that I need in my attire especially my dainty top.

I can’t think of any better pose so what I did was this. What do you think? To give you a trivia, the pictorial is less than 3 minutes. My sister is a hasty photographer. Her method is just click and click and click!
Details: Manila (top), DIY (Maxi Skirt), Gift (bracelet), Natasha (Belt), Fossil (watch)

The maxi skirt is one of my favorites! You can pair it with any printed or color-block top. Better use sleeveless top like I do. This clothing is easy to wear and yet very comfy PLUS it makes you look tall.

My mom bought me this pair of shoes from Solemate! My mom really knows that I love leopard-prints. The shoes perfectly matched my leopard-print top right? Bongga!

What can you say to our chandelier? Dad really knows. He has a good choice (that’s why he chose mom!). This is the secret why the photo has golden color effect. Beautiful isn’t it?

My photographer/my sister: Janine Awat


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    1. OMG! thank you. I love your blog, your styles and your clothes! Thank you for the compliment!
      Zai :)

  2. Zaiii! You made your maxi skirt?? Awesumm! ❤

    1. It's actually a dress. i just cut it! Hahaha :) Your clothes are my type! :)

    2. Smaaaart! ❤ hahaha

      Thankies! You can go raid my closets :))