Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stylishzai Is Guilty

If fashion is a crime, I plead guilty. I really insist to pose a straight face to make it realistic in contrary to the paper with colored marks, the background and what I am wearing. Yes, I am at fault and there’s only one to blame-my own self.

One question to all bloggers: What if fashion will be a crime, would you still love fashion?

There are moments when we feel insecure that decreases our self-esteem like what I feel right now but we have to think that we are exceptional in our own way. We may not see that but believe me, in some way, we feel it. We must not be insecure because God created us distinctively and with special talents. No one can ever duplicate our flaws, our smiles, and even the numbers in our hair. You are you; I am me; They are they. We are all worth it and no one has the authority to oppose that.

Thinking what to wear is a hard decision to make. People would predict that I will tucked-in this top over my Guess shorts so you’re half right! I came in the idea of tucking this sideward. I didn’t follow any styles or bloggers; it all came in my ingenious mind. What do you think?

My top is highly detailed by abstract prints and the ancient-style marking in the button.

I wore a Chinese green bracelet (lucky bracelet), Black Swatch.

"Not everything is going to be picture perfect. Things sometimes take time, and have many rough obstacles to go through before you can get there but if you give up on the things you want, everything you've gone ends up being worthless."


  1. I honestly think this is your best outfit 'yet' :") simple but tots cute! I really love the top. Keep on keeping on Zai! Xx