Saturday, October 27, 2012

Black and White on a Colorful Day

We went to the mall to have our taping and shooting (parang may pinagkaiba) for our Filipino project and I present to you my Black and White outfit! Why Black and White?
Black and White are timeless combinations! They contradict hues and make everything sophisticated and very classy. Who wouldn’t want that? The color Black, in addition, flatters my complexion. Black and White mixtures are God’s gift to us, humans. Agree? If not, I hate you! (with devil laugh)
I always say I’m likod-genic. BTW, likod-genic means 'looks good seen from the rear’. I’m having face problem from the time when I consulted my dermatologist and she recommended me to use ASDFGHJKL creams. I really believe that someday I’ll enjoy having an acne free face. She is certainly a good dermatologist and I know that she know what she’s doing. It’s just in a matter of tremendous patience and obedience.

My friend-slash-blog mate, Lira, let me use her super jaw-dropping and gorgeous black pants. She is also my stylist. She told me to wear this and that. She is unquestionably marvelous and I suggest you to view her lovely blog.
 Details: M's (top), Lira's (pants), Rocio (Shoes), Lira's (ring), Fossil (watch), Mommy's (bracelet), Robinsons (Vintage Necklace with multi-hued diamonds)
I'm loving the ring that I am wearing. Each time, I see it, it reminds me of Harry Potter. I don't know why.
Camwhore moments with Lira. We were so bored so this happened.


  1. black and white definitely is a sophisticated mix :)


  2. Yes. Sooo true! I love your blog! :)