Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn Goodbye

Winter is coming up or should I say, some countries are experiencing the winter weather so goodbye autumn. I wonder what it feels like playing with snows and building snowman and snow castles. Ever since I was young, I dream to experience the autumn, and winter climates. I would take tons of photographs and enjoy each day as if it were my last.

Moving on, my fashion approach is still summer (Sort of oxymoron- the conversation moved but my style stayed). I love the cute and dainty look that the attire gave me. The top is really meant for the bottom and so as the bottom. I added ethnic accessories to avoid the over-flowing of the cuteness and girlyness of my look. Furthermore, my socks added lovely effect especially being paired with these pastel heels.

Fashion Blog 101: Avoid overflowing of pictures.
I really how I dressed up and it’s too hard in my part to upload few photographs (Pagbigyan na). I am really enthusiastic to show to you this look of mine. Actually, I should upload this yesterday but we went to Narra and at night, the internet and blogspot is not working the way I wanted. Luckily, as I wake up, open the laptop, upload, and type description….TADA! My post is done! (clap clap clap)

'There's a cockroach pose'

Few days ago are already our semester break so I take these opportunities to do my blog posts. It’s been a while since I post good clothes in good background. Being a student is really a hard occupation. I definitely love the time and freedom that I have right now. I just need the time management thingy. I have to do my HRR and memorize a piece for our Chamber Theatre. Such a hard obligation eh?

I really love to wear socks over my heels like famous bloggers but I am afraid since it will look me smaller but my desire matters above my doubts so I tried it and it looked normal. What should I say?

The accessories details: Necklace, Brown beaded bracelet, Brown leathered bracelet (Souvenir shops in random area in Philippines), Green braided bracelet (Penshoppe)

I imitated the hairstyle of Julia Barretto; the one that I saw in her post in her Instagram. It was really a hard work for me since I only use one hair clip. I hope it didn’t look pretty much epic fail.

I’ll show to you the view outside our home. In case you’ve passed by in our home, I’ll tell you-it’s really messy and untidy inside.
Details: Romantic Pussy (top), Casuals by Pink (Skirt), Rengel (belt)

My green socks with childish patterns really added a sophisticated look with my apparel. Do you agree? I can’t imagine wearing heels without it would make the look improved. It added aristocratic and attractive attitude isn’t it?

I’m trying to do the sun-hits-my-face look but it went the way I didn’t expect (UGLIER). Anyway, I certainly and undoubtedly love my photographer. She’s one of a kind and ever since, she had been my patient and sweet photographer. My sister, JANINE ZYRELLE AWAT is very young and yet, she captures photographs like she’s a pro! In time, she’ll be better than kaskdhfghliy photographers.

I’ll tell you a fact: I can’t find my other belt so I just tried to pair this with my black belt. I really know that my pastel belt will make it better but of course, what should I do? I can’t find it in my closet and even in our house! Black also added a classy look right? And it makes the color hues balanced. After the pictorial, I found the belt lying in our stationary-bicycle. Well, this black belt is unknowingly destined to my garb.
Blow kisses for everyone. I know what you are thinking: ‘euykk’ and ‘eww’. Hahahaha! Well, to end this ton of pictures post, I’ll give you the warmest and sweetest kiss. Muwaaah! Hope you all enjoy viewing and have a lovely and nice day!

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