Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She Will Be Loved

The beauty of life through nature-that is what I wanted you to witness right now; this minute. The sound of falling leaves, the smell of fresh air, the splendor of blooming flowers, the ray of the sun are probably one of the most amazing things in life. No angle can capture the real magnificence of nature. It is beyond powerful.

Nature is powerful and humans as well. You got my point? Nature can change the humans and humans can change the nature. Simple as that but the quote has a dominant connotation.

The ensemble of the attire reminds me of autumn. In addition to that, the leaves, tress that serves as my background added a nature touch. The beaded design of my top hid the dullness of my attire. You know, I don’t prepare too much in public pictorial like this especially if you are experiencing the awkward feeling wherein several people are starring at you.

One fact: This photo was taken after we had our jogging at Baywalk.
Second Fact: I forgot to bring my comb that’s why it looked messy in the pictures nonetheless I still like curly waves I got from my first hairstyle.

I truly appreciate the beauty of sunlight in this picture. It is mind-boggling. My nose looked so matangos. Don’t you agree?

The venue looks familiar? Well, the photo was taken at Puerto Princesa Airport.

I am really grateful for a background like this. It’s like my dream-lost in forest or somewhere that involves our mother nature. Although, I am not prepared, the background saved me. I hope that I can spot a fine background each time I’ll have my pictorial. Bloggers love that! Relate much?

“One of my goals is to make people appreciate the beauty of fashion, photography, and life.”

My stolen shot; does it look scripted? “And I realized, I have to move to the center for better photographs.”

I still have two pending posts but I chose to publish this first because I can’t wait to show you these remarkable photographs captured by my sister.

Few hours till my 15th birthday. Mixed emotions. I am happy at the same time worried.
I am happy that God gave me 15 years to appreciate the exquisiteness of his creations, and to share my love for everyone.
I am worried because as I get older, I have to be more mature and more challenges are coming in the roads I’ll take.

As I end, I want to thank all the people who helped me to be strong, motivated me, appreciated all my efforts, and love me. Thank you to all the people who like my photos, tell me that I look good (even if I don’t see it), and shout that they like all my attires and sense of style. No certain word can express the happiness I feel-really. I may not show it guys (because I am pakipot) but I am absolutely pleased in all your actions. I have no good words to tell you right now. I lack words-as in. I love you guys. And advance thank you to all the people who will greet me in Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc.

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