Saturday, December 1, 2012


"We will never be as young as we are today; tonight."
Time is gold. Time is precious. But, Do you really value time? Or should I say, Do you appreciate every seconds of your life? Countless questions are truly hitting my mind and one topic I would like to share is-time! Too painful to hear but one reality is that: we do not fully value our time. Like I do. Like we do.

Maybe you heard these two cliché quotes: "Make the best of each day" or "Live each day as though it was your last". Do you really comprehend the quotes or those just pass your ears? I'm afraid I might sound 'weirdo' since I keep on saying time is significant but I do not even apply the quote to myself. Paradoxical right? My point is that: we people must value our time and yes, let's do the time managing.

Skip. Skip. Skip.

Time Management
With that "TM", we will be able to accomplish what we absolutely need to do and will learn to be productive. Life has many distractions nowadays so we really need to apply the "TM" in our daily lives.
PS: Self-control is one key to attain "TM".

On my outfit: As you can see, I didn't do the accessorizing part of dressing up for many reasons:
Photo taken early in the morning and I forgot to bring some of my accessories; I wore and changed my clothes in the car; and I feel lazy. Anyway, one good tip: collaborate plains with prints like florals.
PS: My bottom is actually a leggings and I DIYed it to make it shorts. What do you think?

The background: It saves the day! My outfit is simple and it can't stand alone so what I did was find a good background and I spotted Airport with its green and vigorous trees.
I have many clothes to wear and I really ready but sadly, I don't have enough time for pictorials because of wild schedules. Just wait; you'll see me wearing the lace black top and black skirt in the forest. I have that plan and I hope that it'll be successful. Yay!

Photobombing! Shots taken after I did the pictorial with a tree behind me. Sorry for being such a camwhore. Pagbigyan si blogger!
Have a good day everyone.
PS: The comment button is below this caption.

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