Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hectic Blogger

I can’t imagine that being a senior is this busy, hectic, and mind-stressing. This Saturday (11-24-12) is supposed to be my rest day but it turned out to be different and it is still okay.
To let you know, I’ll be listing my activities this day and next days:

Today (11-24-12)
Guitar (10-11am)
Chamber Theatre practice (1:00-5:00pm)
Dermatologist visit (3:00pm)
Have my haircut (5:00pm)

Holiday Friday (11-30-12)
Video making for our Chinese Project (8:00-5:00pm)
Dentist for my braces (5:00pm)

Seminar (8-9:00am)
Guitar (10-11:00am)
Video making for Social Studies Project (1-5:00 pm)

Who says I am not busy? Anyone?

What I wore is very easy and comfortable. I played with different prints and colors like my printed top and leopard shoes; brown, blue, black and white. What do you think? Did I give justice to my look?

Details: Penshoppe (top), Manila (leggings), Vans (sneakers), Gift (belt), DIY (shorts), Fossil (watch), Goody (Ponytail)
Someone's birthday is coming up on 29th of November. My mother will not be here the same day. I feel sad. Can you guess whose birthday now?

Being Blogger and a student is quite a hard job especially to me who is not fond of time management but I still update my blog every week or two because I love my followers, fashion, and blogging. I'll be posting my birthday post soon if I have enough time to do the pictorial, editing, and typing. Furthermore, I wanted to make it presentable and something to be proud of. I'm turning old. I must be mature.

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