Friday, November 9, 2012

Overload DIYs

To all my viewers, friends, readers, and fellow bloggers, let me show you my DIY top and shorts! It is my first time to publicly post my DIY creations because I really believe I'm poor when it comes to arts and crafts! Please focus on my DIYs and not to me. Hahahaha! Enjoy!

Do-It-Yourself. DIYs are pleasurably beneficial in many ways. It is costless, can boost one's art skills, an innovative and trend business to set up, enjoying and fulfilling, and lastly, the owner's DIY will always be one-of-a-kind.

My fashion sense is not based in rock, hippie, and emo. You’ll rarely see me wearing black leather shoes, jackets, and too many denims. My sense is sweet to the eyes and dainty but that won't be my style forever. Everyone change and everyone has their own types and signature. There’s nothing bad about doing something new, harmless, and beneficial.

I decided to use my certainly old but most comfortable pambahay of mine! I didn’t regret it at all. In fact, my mother doesn't want me to wear my top because it's not presentable but sorry mom, I just love it especially the print. I decided to cute the sleeves and the neck part and viola!

My shorts is my mother's old jeans. I love the detail and the color! I cut it to make a regular shorts but it's not aligned so I keep on cutting that ended pretty much shorter. Shall I call my DIY short shorts?

My shoes are certainly not my creation! It is my older sister's combat boots. I was inspired by Marga. The shoes gave me a gentleman and rock look. My beige pumps won't make this outfit at its best. What do you think?

One Fact about my top: Due to its old age, the top is definitely fragile! If you will stretch that, my top would probably be destroyed!
Anyway, I just wanted you to be informed that I won't wear my top and shorts outside our house. I really do promise! I look wasted and liberated in the pictures right? And if I'll wear that, what would people think of me? Probably living in the western teenager world which is so not me.

The back look. You see? It’s too short. No exaggerations. Well, my hair looks really long in the picture!
The wonderful California + Detailed shorts
The top was given to me by my Uncle and the shorts is my mother's.

You know what’s good in my shorts? The detail, style and fabric are love and you can hardly ever see that shorts nowadays. Agree?

My sister's combat boots. I know this is hilarious particularly to my sister's classmates. What do you think? Epic? or Fail? Do comment below. I highly appreciate it!

I'm just an amateur blogger and the DIY creator. I don't post this to show off my body but to let you see the beauty of DIY. To let you be inspired. This is not the right time for judgment. I know who I am and my limitations. You just know my name, not my story.


  1. You so thiiiiiin! Hahaha

    I love wearing combat boots! ❤❤❤

  2. Hahahah :)))
    Beneficial pala yung CO and CAT! :)
    May boots! :))

    1. Right?! Hahaha :) is it pwede ba to wear out? Hindi bawal?

  3. your DIY top is cute! :D

    1. Thank you Verna! :)
      Your blog is awesome :)