Friday, November 2, 2012

Zai Socks

I love my title. Did I say love? Hell no! Rather, I definitely and tremendously love my title. That’s how I love my title. Well, my other post, I was wearing socks and I am getting obsessed to it! You saw my smile? It will tell you! I sock! Who socks? Zaira!

Kalokang litrato ‘to! Feeling professional lang ang peg! Hinay hinay sa mga posing! Hahahaha. Laugh with me guys! =))

No matter what it takes, I really have to take the opportunity to have many posts because I believe, the following weeks will be a ‘post no more’ and I don’t want my blog to be dull and not updated. Kahit sako susuotin ko para lang may ma-post. Desperada ang blogger! Hahaha =))

I am wearing my pambahay silk deep pink shorts! I lack shorts; in fact, I rarely wear shorts because I find it uncomfortable when people look at me and they we’re like: “Ang arte niya; pa-short shorts.” Anyway, judging them doesn’t define me, it defines them. Positive thoughts only! =)

Details: Calvin Klein (white polo), Pambahay (Silk shorts), Robinson (Owl Necklace), Gucci (belt), Daddy (socks), Mommy (Brown top), Avon (bracelet), Mommy (bangles)

I can’t believe that my hair grows too rapid. Last March, my hair is just on my shoulders and now, OMG! You know what I love with long hairs? You can play with it and do various styles especially the jaw-breaking bouncy big curls! I’m planning to cut my hair but I am really lazy to go in the salon so I’ll wait until March. The picture below is a late Halloween photo of mine. Well, my hair is already long so I'll be SADAKO. Do I look scary? BOO!

I do not frequently post jump shots because it hurts not to mention jumping with pumps! I know you miss my jump shots so here are they!

I do not dream to be a model but here is me acting like a super model! Modeling is not meant for me! I’m insulting myself. Well, what do you think? My height says no, my face says no, my hair says yes, my body says OMG!

I’m supposed to have my pictorial here but looking at this picture, it doesn’t look excellent PLUS the apparel’s detail is just epic ugly. I look dark in the picture so capital NO!
I am featuring my mother’s garden. She has numerous plants planted in our house and I don’t even know their names except cactus and orchids. Mommy is freaking genius with regards to flora.

Photograph by: As always, my ever loving and supporting sister- Janine Awat

Dad’s old socks have holes so I used clone stamp (effect in Photoscape) to hide the holes. Try to view the previous photos; you’ll be flabbergasted that they’re gone but if you’ll look closely, you will witness a microscopic olalala holes! Hahahaha!
What can you say to my outfit? Do Comment below and include your blog so I can view it or follow it. Have a good day everyone!

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