Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playing with Aztecs, Leopards, and colors!

At 8:00 am, we attended the mass and I was undeniably in a hurry so I simply played colors and prints. Aztecs and Leopards contrast effects and visualizations but I don't know what came in my thinking why I broke the rule! In fashion, they might be rules but one way or another; the beholder's styles still matter. Whether that person will collaborate denim to denim, white to white, and neon to neon. That’s why we all love fashion! It’s really pleasurable and makes the world more vivacious.

Without a doubt, I can easily say that this is an abnormal post of mine since in the first place, I take photos in the balcony and not in our living room but I wanted you to know my usual styles so whatever will happen, I just keep on blogging just don’t mind the messy background.

Forgive me for the low photo resolution! This day is my playtime. I played prints and colors PLUS the filters. I decided to make it more dramatic and it really looked better than the unfiltered photo. What do you think?

Details: Apartment (GreenAztec top), Avon (white tube), Talbots (Pink pants), Vans (Leopard-print shoes), Fossil (Watch), Mommy's (Bangles)

You know my word of the day? PLAY. I unquestionably do love playing. Moreover, I love fooling around with pastel color and cute prints. One thing I don’t usually do is playing with frequent accessories with triple piercings, tons of necklaces and bracelets! I love bloggers who wear numerous bracelets however, I am not just very comfortable. Everyone is just different and we all know that but one ugly truth is that we still keep on comparing and judging. My bangles are really annoying but I like it that way.
What can you say to my Vans Leopard shoes? It looks very chic and lovely PLUS my Fossil watch. I regularly wear that in school. It's really ideal in my personality because it is leather; I don’t desire the rubber because I feel sweaty. I love the fact that the numbers turned to be diamonds and it challenges me each time someone asks me the time. Isn’t it cool? Math matters!

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