Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Date with My Other Half

October 20, 21012- Mark that day. This is what I wore. The turquoise color visualizes a young lady look plus the pleated dress is very comfy and idyllic to use especially if you are having a simple yet blissful date with someone. It even has an effect that it wiggles in the air and I really need to hold them to avoid whatsoevers. I decided to curl my hair to achieve a girly look. What do you think?
Details: Libertó (Turquoise pleated dress), Robinsons Manila (shoes), Greenhills (Bag), Sister's (Vintage with multi-colored diamonds), Sister's (Brown braided belt), Mommy's (Bangles)

From Monday till Friday, what I and my best friend did was to wait and do countdowns. We also had that ‘kilig’ feeling and 'to do list' peg. It was so worthwhile and I can say that each second is pure happiness and loveliness. What do you think? A SECOND TO REMEMBER?

Anyway, taking my fashion photos in the mall and in other public places are one of my dreams. I really want the photos to look like other popular bloggers wherein they have their pictorials in public and crowded area. I wasn’t very satisfied with the background since it is my first time and I don’t want people starring at me in an awkward way but I really do believe that it is overwhelming.
I had that dress malfunction!

My satchel bag is love! It has chains and vintage effect.
The dress is really good but in my case: short + fat legs; I looked chubby with that dress. It’s alright, it is still a big love!
 You know what's good with these shoes? You can pair that with whatever casual attires! Whether is a tee, blouse, jeans, leggings, or whatever!
I was really stimulated in our date so I placed my dress OUTSIDE my closet before the day. The sentiment is just pure enthusiasm and love! I can't help but stare to my dress and imagine what we will do in our date. That's me. I give too much excitement to things and happenings. People may not notice it but I really do. It's strange isn't it?