Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stripes PLUS Diverse side of a mullet skirt

Long time no blog Dre so here I am introducing you my new experiment! What can you perceive in my apparel? I teamed up different hues and I only use one bangle (I was really tired of our JS Camp and I don’t have enough time so it ended very plain and simple) PLUS my uncombed hair (Thanks Dove)!

This effect idyllically fits the photo. It has that ‘agreeable to the eyes’ filter and my apparel looks so good in here but sorry there is no pink mullet skirt available :(

One thing I hate about this look is that it made me look small. In addition to that, my legs were tremendously gigantic so it made my height really poor and what I have to do now is to accept the hideous reality.

This mullet skirt is just so amazing. It is different since the symmetrical and waterfall pattern is in the side compared to the usual since those were customarily placed in the back. I’m supposed to wear a braided brown belt but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, before you get bored, I’ll tell you the link of my favorite blogger, Tricia Gosingtian. She has a certain post that the symmetrical and waterfall pattern was placed in the front. It seemed so exotic but her apparel turned to be matchless and incredibly distinctive and so I followed her but mine is in the side.

Excellent filters truly add grand theatrical styles in every photos and it is astounding to think that a person doesn't necessarily need camera with splendid filters in it or an application that has an application with limited effects and are not for free. I announce to you that I legitimately use PIXLR-O-MATIC with regards to these effects. I downloaded it for free in our iPad and laptop. It was just so amazing that I had gotten an extremely marvelous editor application without wasting any of my centavos.
"Karen" effect of PIXLR-O-MATIC

My younger sister is having a hard time in perfectly capturing my jump shots so these are the chosen results but one way or another, I Iove it for the reason that it is still explicable that it is a jump shoot and not just a throwaway imprecise photograph.

Meet my daring silhouette (Chaka & Ambisyosa peg).

To tell you a recent story of my life; us, Hopeans, just went to Puerto Beach to have our 3-days camp in which we will be able to know God better and we’ll discover the secrets if life. Today, when my mother fetched me and saw me, she immediately said that I looked so fat. I didn’t really think of that at all but when I had a pictorial and I saw all the pictures especially this, I was hit by a truck! Yes, I gained weight and I don’t like it! Diet is not a big deal for me. I can do it but my parents don’t want me to. I’m jailed now.
This is how my bangle looks like. It has Victorian arks and rare gem stones. The floral added a chic and feminine touch to the beholder.

The cloth of the mullet skirt is this. It is as light as cotton, and excellently soft. The skirt has another skirt that serves as a veil. It is also soft and exquisite.