Friday, October 12, 2012

Boy Meets Girl

Outfit for today: Abercrombie & Fitch Green checkered polo, NCCC White sleeveless top embroidered with butterfly, No boundaries multi-hued stripped summer shorts and a pair of beige heels.
I had this thought in my lovely brain to try new things that you never see in all my previous posts-combination of boy and girl peg- so I came in the idea of intensely collaborating my mother's polo that illustrates a guy look, unused white top, summer shorts, and a beige heel for a feminine and refinement look. What do you think?

I am normal and in all my posts, I have that one picture I typically call 'favorite' and for today's post, I chose this photo. I feel like I look positive. The photo just suites my attitude and I love it!
I didn't know that my photographer already captures my moves. This stolen shot went well and I look innocent and guiltless!

Stolen smiles are just so beautiful. It pictures a tremendous optimistic viewpoint to an individual. It adds colorful drama to the photograph and sometimes, it can make on person’s day blooming and affirmative.

'Peace signs' used to be the most trendy post and being a good vibe ambassador, I wanted to express my action with the use of this old-fashioned pose. What do you think?
(Nothing goes in my head right now and I don't know what to type in my post.)
'One crazy look' peg I did. It was so humiliating but this is sooo me and I do not have to pretend. I looked crazy isn't it?

Say 'hello' to my jump shots! Sorry for the poor quality since I donot use DSLR. The behind the scene of these photographs was so stressing and it is really har to jump wearing a 5-6 inch heels.
One portrait picture of mine :)

I am deeply in love with my Sophie Martin watch. It gives me a smart and chic appearance and I can wear it every time especially in simple events.

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