Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tiny Experiments

I have this ingenious idea of collaborating plain textures and prints PLUS white, black and neon. They ended better that I imagined. What do you think?
It’s all in the sense of experiments! Wearing this and that is legal. The most important is that the way a person carries and manages her outfit. That is- the center point of fashion.

I rarely take pictures of me this way. I have the disease of capturing fashion photos with diverse poses in which my face will not be highlighted. I came into the conclusion of ‘be proud’ so I didn’t wear my shell for now.

One cute thing in this outfit is that the white polo is too long that my shorts were hidden.

Details: Flats (Bsm), Cardigan (soon), Inside top (Crissa), Shorts (Personalized), Bracelet (Gift)

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