Friday, August 17, 2012

Aged snapshots of my very own apparels

At this time, I introduce to you my very first fashion post! This includes my old my snapshots to some of my apparels. They are not essentially my favorites; it's just that I desire you to witness or to be familiarized with my fashion sense and the usual me. Enjoy!

Red, White, and Black are God's gift to women and ladies. They are good contrasts to any color.
I was wearing a long-sleeved top, a baggy black pants, and a Mickey Mouse silver necklace we bought straight in Disneyland.

I was wearing casual attire since we were in the church. Floral are good strike at the moment and they will show an additional lady look. An owl necklace made my outfit. This is very comfy and light.
Details: Top (Penshoppe) Necklace (Sister’s own)

I wore a stripped white and black top paired with yellow cardigan, a retro-style belt, an owl necklace, Fossil watch, Hippie wooden bracelet, and a blue jeans.
My top there was actually something like dress but it's too short so I tucked it in and I paired it with a gray cardigan. Pink and Gray are good partners. Wearing a belt is actually my signature and a pants that is somehow similar as propos to the hue of my cardigan.
Details: Floral top (Somewhere in Rengel), Cardigan (Penshoppe), belt (Gucci), Pants (BNY) 
Florals are idyllic in summer and I took this photo last summer (old right?). I had nothing to do that minute so I just simply took a photograph to my floral top and my hemmed black shorts.
My shorts were personalized by me. Not that really, I just renovated it. At first, I thought it was epic fail but wearing it doesn't seem that fall short.

Last photo. So I wore again my renovated shorts and I used my sister's top. It doesn't look very beautiful in the photo but I tell you; it is!! (with two exclamation points). This is good in the beach or just simply window shopping in the mall.

Thank you to all my followers and my loved ones for inspiring me to pursue what I desired since I was young. I promise that I'll do my best with regards in fashion. Lovely Good-nights! :-)

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