Friday, September 21, 2012

Rocketing Bees

We had our SG Day few weeks ago and this is what I wore. Anyway, to give you a breathtaking (as if) introduction, I'm supposed to wear a t-shirt, denim jeans, plus sneakers however, before our club adviser informed it to us, I was already prepared on what I will wear and you can witness it with the use of your eyes. It was written in the paper that juniors and seniors are required to wear a yellow top. I even bought a new top just for that event and I didn’t even know that students who have club are excused. I told my ate about my part (as if it’s a big deal/dilemma) and she advised me that it’s better if I will wear my desired outfit in the morning and I’ll just change in the afternoon so I followed it. No regrets and I find it more relaxed wearing a t-shirt than the yellow top.
It was my best friend who captured these photos and she often tells me to face in the camera. At first, I hesitated and I always insist that looking away in the camera is better. She’s the best people I know so I did follow her. Looking at the photos made me consider that it appeared better. I’ll try to examine this case. If ever it will be scientifically generally technically systematically proven true, I will stop playing drama with my photos.

What can you say on our jump shots? I told you, jump shots will constantly be in every of my post as possible and I even included my best friend! The shots are obviously effortless in view of the fact that our poses won’t give you a ‘wow’ emotion. I only had two jumps I believe. My best friend also had two jump shots. I find her really cute isn’t it?

Unambiguous observation of my apparel-front, back, and zoom. My best friend told me to put my one hand on my waist. I obeyed her but I really find it too girly. What do you think?

I entitled my post “Rocketing Bees” since you know, the color of the bee is black + yellow and the chief colors of my outfit is noticeably the same. Too good! Nobody told me that I looked like a bee! =)

I really had fun in SG Day! I was the one in charge of the Tetris Tournament. Our Capital was Php 315 and we earned Php -15. It’s okay at least we all enjoyed and the film showing, who has no capital, earned more than 2K so we even bought 2 boxes of pizza.

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