Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shades of cherry and blackberry

 I currently love the very naughty and juvenile pose. This is Instagram’s Amaro effect. I always love the Amaro for the reason that it makes me look fairer and flawless! (As if)
A very detailed shot of my apparel. My top has leopard’s print as well as my belt. I hemmed my shorts. I was the one who hemmed it.
Bet you didn’t know that I my shorts are my mother’s old pants. I cut them and I hemmed the edges. No regrets!
Black and White shots =)

My jumpshots! I cannot upload my GIF shots here but you can have a glimpse in my tumblr. You can find it in my links on your right side.

Details: Top (Robinson's), Shoes (Solemate), Shorts (Personalized), Belt (Gift), Bracelet (Gift)

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