Monday, May 6, 2013

Sky Box

After our school's fun run, we decided to try Skybox's eat-all-you-can cakes and coffees for only Php 150.00! How cheap is that? At first we were kind of uncertain because maybe the cakes won't taste good right? And then when we're there, we sensed that it is not so we tried it. (People who love food have good food judgments! Agree?) One good thing is that we are the only customers who tried their eat-all-you-can so it tells us that we can dive in all the foods in the fridge (no photo). No more hunger games battle against other customers lol!

Our cake trip started from 2am until 6pm. We are like ravenous elephants you know? The waiters there were starring at us and were like who are those hungry pigs and elephants? Are they really girls? Show some manners! lol! I kid but we really tried all the cakes but not all the sweets because we were so shy since you know, sometimes no matter how we love cakes, we have to act the real version of Filipina girls! Haha! The taste is in between good and bad but it is not a waste and a regret. Hello, I ate a ton!! So here are some of the pictures!
Sorry for late post! Hahaha! But you too might love their eat-all-you-can! Not bad after all! Try it, people!
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