Thursday, April 25, 2013

Holy Week

Such a late post eh? But better too late than never. This is my Holy Week photos and the memories still crosses my mind although it is not as fresh as before plus holy-week-vibe passed my soul already so it is hard for me to write words that express my grief, sorrow, anguish and atonement that day. Let me just express my Holy Week in photos.

But before anything else, allow me to tell my experience. We started in Honda Bay from 4am and we did a non-stop 7 kilometers walk until Mount Calvary. In our walking, we did praying and reminiscing Jesus' and God’s sacrifice for us.

Because God loves us, he scarified His only holy son to die for us. And what is happening in the world right now? Corruption, lies, false hope, gluttony, and many other crimes. This is bad and we must revolutionize our life.
Is Jesus' sacrifice worth it after all? Did we value and bring back all the glory to Him? Can we feel Him always? Do we get tired of reading Bible? These are some questions that hit my mind in that week. How could I possibly hurt people and do several bad things and still being forgiven. People, this is the time to make us change our ways for the better. This is the time to make a move that will last until the end of time. This is the time to tell Him how great He is. God loves us and we must love Him back. He deserves all the glory. 

So here it is.

I have photos of our Holy Week but we're smiling so I came into a decision to make nature as my model. Nature speaks. It is beautiful. Can't you hear?

This is my Holy Week post and I hope that somehow this will be an awakening to make us alter our bad ways and go straight doing good things. I, myself, am not as holy as Him. I am not as close to God like other people. I have my own flaws and mistakes but I always try to change it. I am imperfect but I do not consider that as an excuse to do foul things…

And no matter how unloved, unworthy you feel, always remember that there is someone who loves you and it is Him.