Friday, March 1, 2013

16 Wishes

"On my 16th birthday..." sounds familiar right? It's because, I just watched the movie '16 wishes'. It was actually an old movie and I believe that it was premiered on 2010. The movie was spectacular and it really taught me a wonderful lesson and because I was powerfully carried away by the movie and the guy (Guess who's he!), I made it as my title (You can clearly see that above! Lol!) The movie is too magnificent not to share.

 I've mentioned it before that I am not one of those girls who love movies because one way or another, I find it just a waste of time and in this year; I want to develop my movie thinking. And yes, I’ve finally put in my mind that certain movies aren't just there to entertain us but to inspire us and to teach us a lesson that we can apply in our daily lives.

I like every movie I watch. Whether some people say it’s ugly, I still like all of them because I know how hard it is to do the editing, and the piling of videos just for a movie. And also, when I am watching a movie, I don't have standards. Whatever it is, as long as I understand the plot and I can relate, I find it beautiful.

16 wishes is just a striking example. The story is about a 16 year old girl who was given 16 wishes on her 16th birthday. A fairy like girl gave her 16 candles and a match to use each time she wishes. She has the privilege to wish only in her birthday (24 hours duration). Well, she wasn't sure of her wishes so it went worse as expected and to make the long story short, she regretted what had happened and on her last wish, she cleanly said that she wanted to make everything back to normal like nothing had occurred.

With this I conclude that we always have that picture perfect in our lives but let's just pause... and we'll later realize that our own life is more beautiful than the ones we dreamed of. Why don't we just enjoy life and be contented? We always dream to be popular, rich, and liberated and we tend to forget our own lives. We live in our dreams which are wrong. Life has many things to offer and let's appreciate them. Dreaming is not bad but we must dream of something not just for our personal and temporary happiness. Let's dream for a brighter world.

I know you're not reading the long caption in the top but please read it! Hahaha! I pretty much lack words to formulate the thousand thoughts in my mind into sentences so my above caption is unadorned but I am sure that you'll get my point and one way or another learn something from it.

My outfit is pretty much plain but according to Laurren Uy, she stated that "Less is more."
Less accessories and details:
just a plain jeggings, nude pumps, and sleeveless top with lace details at the back.
You can buy them in our store-Fashion 101.

You really find it eyes-numbing since all of my posts are in one background. I am somehow trying to explore new places in our house okay? I find this place as the best because of its light and wind effects.

"Fear not, For I am with you." Isaiah 41:10

This is the guy I told you just a while ago!
Handsome baby face right?
Well, that was sadly his old photos.
He's old now and he has a child.
Whatever basta I like his old pictures. Hahaha!

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