Monday, December 24, 2012

Define Christmas

Today is Christmas! Let me ask you; Define Christmas. For me, Christmas is a holy day for it is the birth of Jesus. Jesus is not just an ordinary person. It was he who died in the cross to save us in our sins. Now, on his birthday, we must offer this day (not just this day) to him. Let us live by his word. Christmas is deeper than we thought.

Christmas is not about presents, money, food we eat in our Noche Buena or whatsoever possessions. Let us not waste the time of our lives living with temptations and deluxe. Let us help each other and be the role model of the youth.

(I lack good thoughts and words.)

Too sum up all, Christ should be in our hearts for it is the real meaning of Christmas PLUS Christmas is Christ. Without Christ, Christmas won’t be possible.

The photo was taken in our garage and this is what I wore in the church. I was really in a hurry because I woke up too late so I grabbed anything I saw in my closet. I paired the dress with a gold belt to avoid tediousness but miserably, I forgot to accessorize. This is not blog worthy so forgive me that’s why bumabawi nalang ako sa captions.

I need an instant photo editor application wherein I will simply click the effect then tada! The photo will instantly and effortlessly be in a good quality. I used pixlromatic to solve my lazy issues. Guess what effect is that? Hagrid. Okay so, I cropped each picture and click the Hagrid effect then boom! What do you think?


The sun is hot pose!

This is is a raw picture. Without the Hagrid effect, it won't  look good. Right? Hahaha!

Details: Apartment Clothing (Dress), NCC Dept. Store (Belt), Robinsons (Flats)

Merry Christmas to everyone! May this Christmas filled with love, happiness, sincerity, and positivity. I don't have photos to post last Night in our Noche Buena for some reasons but don't you worry. In our Mega Noche and countdown for 2013, I'll make my post grand as ever! I hope. Hahahaha! Let Christ be in our hearts! Whoever reading this, I love you (with flying kisses!). Stay awesome!

" I don’t have time to hate people who hate me, because I’m too busy loving people who love me."

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