Saturday, September 15, 2012

Entering and Voyaging in the Globe of Korean Trends

Korean Styles are just so adorable and agreeable to the eyes so I came in the scheme of wearing something that is allied in Modern Korean Styles and Trends. I ended up selecting my Pastel Blouse I bought a week ago and a skirt from Twin Boys that is actually a sport's attire for tennis.

The effects of the snapshots are good! Thanks to the app. You're a life saver! My poses are by hook or by crook related to Korean moves. Forgive me for being such a girly since that is my current peg.

I laughed so hard when I saw these two pictures! I really thought my sister didn't capture these. She's just freaking wild, crazy and cute! I love my sister! What do you think of my poses? Too bad not to upload!

My back pose. I am unprepared so the first picture turned out tremendously eerie. Let me tell you that my sister do not count whenever she takes portraits of me but still, the photographs were good! Thanks to the model. Lalaki na ulo ko! Hahaha!

Jump shots will never be forgotten. It just made me so complicated to soar in the wind since you know, I'm wearing a six-inch pumps! My muscles were really hurt but it's okay, the great shots turned out to be the gifts!

The real color of my apparel. I didn't wear accessories for the reason that it might not highlight the garments. Moreover, simplicity is just so good!
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Details: Top (NCCC Dept. Store ), Skirt (Twin Boys)

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