Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Too Old for Barbie

I wanted to start this post in my usual hobby- surfing the net. You know, I have this intense unhealthy hobby. I usually sleep late at night/morning (Past 12:00) just to surf and do random boring things in the internet then I'll realize in the end that nothing's returning back to me, nothing's dynamic and something I'll be proud of. I'm just simply having a poor unalterable lifestyle. Too sad :(

I started my post roughly so I think I need to change the subject matter. The dress looks like this in the back. You can also see my sweat and water since that was taken after I take a bath so my hair has water and the sun was fiercely rampant at that time.
The dress has half-inch strap. It is a floral dress My mother bought to me when I was young. I just decided to wear it and luckily, it still fits me well. What do you think? Not to old for Barbie right?
Here are my portrait photos. Sorry for my face. Hahaha! I don't want to say I'm vain. Well, let me tell you first the reason why and so on.
Vain is a sin and Snow White's step mother is the perfect example. She is being wicked for beauty. It's not actually good at all. Vanity, linked with vain, is being obsessed with the person's own look. 
Taking pictures is not being vain. It is accustomed and being confident as long as you are not hurting anyone and not being obsessed with your own look.
"Smiling is the best make up any girl can wear."
This photo seems suitable with my personality- young and sweet. This also pictures out that everyone can be beautiful in their own out of the ordinary ways.
Details: Dress (Barbie), Shoes (Robinson's)

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