Friday, September 7, 2012

Multi-hues and multi-shades

My front and back photograph of my outfit. I felt incredibly pleased that I can now make a NEAT bun. Ever since, I’m having a hard time tying and clipping my hair so I usually leave my hair down. I decided to bun my hair to let you see my outfit clearly.

I am addicted to jump shots and now I introduce to you few of them. I made it diminutive to make my post more organized. Hope you’ll see them. Photo taken by my 9 yrs. old sister. She’s awesome isn’t it?

I chose the title since I believe that more than one is many and I used 3 colors- Blue, Black, Pink. They’re not related with each other so I mixed and used the colors that won’t make my outfit very colorful and unsystematic.
Details: Top (Zoey and Beth), Pants (Forenza), Shoes (Rocio), Bracelet (Gift), Shades (Gift)

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