Friday, September 7, 2012

Basic Tee with a Bang!

This attire is a mixture of dissimilar prints. Good thing it doesn’t look very baduy. This apparel is ideal to summer getaways, shopping, and simple events.
 You can noticeably see the features and highlights of my apparel here. The summer shorts are not that bad to use today’s ber-months. It just requires a style and a top that will balance the appearance.

One of my successful and craziest jump shots.

Me on the roof! One thing why I love our terrace, there’s many good backgrounds- from plain to this weird roof background. The only problem is that I contradict to the ray of the sunlight but still, I do love it.
Details: Shorts (Mossimo), Top (Penshoppe), Shoes (Thrifted), Necklace (Broadway Gems), Shades (Ray Ban), Watch (Fossil)

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