Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Perks of Being 15

Yes, This is my 2 months old draft. Forgive me for being lazy but because it is 2013, I wanna upload them! I promise to have good posts before January 07, 2013.

I wanna make this a remarkable post but I don't have good thoughts to write so I will make my captions really really short but of course, it is form the bottom of my heart. I will! 

(Assuming that I just turned 15! Hahaha! please bear with my kalokohan!)
Oh my! I just turned 15 (Yeah right!)
Getting old is not just by age rather emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I cannot state to you that I am being mature or being a role model but I am trying. Everyone should be better day by day. We must learn in our mistakes and use them to make us better individuals. I am getting cliche but yeah, that's the truth.
My bottom line is Age is not just by numbers, it is growing up in all aspects and being a good person day by day and living life to the fullest for the glory of God! Amen!
I did designed my room. Pink is not my favorite color but my room is all pink from curtains to cabinets to bed sheets! I don't know why!
Infinity pose! Guys, you should do that pose! Tumblr-ers and  Instagram-ers know that! Hahaha!
You think Amalayer pose! Hahahaha =))
I still have severe acne breakouts! I visited my dermatologist that time she said that I will have many many zits! I even cried (immature si stylishzai) but I learned that; that is just a challenge for me to overcome. Beauty is not visible with use of the eyes. Now, I know and I am stronger na!

Can you sleep with your shoes on? Yay! Sooo noooooo!

Dear Followers and readers,
Thank you for all your efforts in reading and viewing my blog. I don't wanna sound cheesy but I really appreciate all your efforts. Seeing how many views per day is overwhelming Plus your cute and sweet comments that always make my day! You don't know how much I am happy now. I am not a famous and all-branded blogger, I am just simply me but thank you for everything. Thank you for your compliments-really! You don't know how much I get kilig when you tell me that you just viewed my blog. I am trying not to act the way I feel. Yes, I really love you! I hope that you get inspired. I will always be here. If you want to help me with your fashion dilemmas or anything, just tweet, message, comment of my social networks. I will be always here for you. I love you all to the moon and back!

This fail candy magazine props! I am trying to imitate Chiara Ferragni's post in Instagram. Sorry, this is such a failure! Sad face =(

Speech ulit ako? Teka, baka ma bored ka. Eto nalang: No ceratin word can express my joy each time you visits my blog. I do!

My dream: To be featured in candy's All the rage.

To the pretty/handsome person reading this, I will be always here for you no matter what! If you want to be noticed, you can leave comments and if you have your own blog, you can write the link. I promise to view them. I can also advertise if you want. Thank you for everything. You really made my 2012 worthwhile and my blogging life a story to remember. I love you!

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