Thursday, August 30, 2012

Juvenile touch

Since, stylishzai loves to experiment; she decided to have a childish fashion post. My props-bubbles and skateboard added a juvenile touch. It’s not bad at all and I love it. I crave to try to do the juvenile post again soon if I have the time and the idea.
That one rose in the center of my pajama is love. It looked so cute. Sad to say, it is too hard to find those designs.

I remembered the time my sister took this photo. I simply decided to tuck in my pambahay! It happened that way and I added simple stuffs to make my look nicer.
Details: Violet Top (Christian Dominique), Floral Pajamas (American Outfitters), Black ribbon (Broadway Gems), Flats (LV), Hairband (NCCC Dept. Store)

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